From Vision to Value realization

Save 4x times of associate resource cost

Get it right the first time with our Tailor-made Outsourcing Solutions.

Offshore Pricing with Onshore Management.

Lower Cost + Wider Talent Pool + ISO certified quality

Handpick Top Talent Doesn't Have To Be Hard.

Proziod will proactively identify candidates, source resumes and shortlist up to 5 applicants for each position

Proziod gives you round the clock access to a team of specialist IT engineers, Data Analyst and support staff



Onshore Quality and communication with Offshore pricing


Deep experience/network in Energy, Telecome and Engineering Sectors

Better Outcomes

Helps to improve your business outcomes.

Broader Talent pool

Helps to improve your business outcomes.

Proziod was founded in 2016 with the purpose of providing a different alternative to the traditional outsourcing model.

Proziod is uniquely focused on delivering experience to global brands through technology, analytics and back office resulting in improved end-user experiences. Over the last 5+ years, Proziod has increased its portfolio of solutions to target the wide range of business and customer interactions through outsourcing.

We help our customers achieve peak performance in their back office so they can operate at their optimal level and become more competitive, agile, and efficient in an ever more disruptive world. We focus on three primary areas: Shared services, Information Technology, and Customer Service.


Fast, quality and affordable

We help businesses increase their profitability, improve their efficiency and streamline their business processes through smarter outsourcing.
The Proziod platform consists of a wide variety of high-quality professionals and specialized services that can help you get more done in less time and at a lower cost. Our business model is designed for all clients including large enterprises, small businesses, start-ups and independent entrepreneurs.
The talent we employ is the best in their field and our rates are competitive. We also offer flexible engagement models that ensure the right project is chosen for your budget .
We take pride in ensuring our clients always get the best in terms of turnaround time, quality of work, and communication.

Get a better return on Outsourcing

We always believe that, transparency and open communication are important in maintaining a healthy working relationship.

Business environment can change rapidly due to unexpected events like the COVID-19 health pandemic resulting in significant disruption to your business and ways of doing things. The new reality has once again reminded us of the necessity of easily adaptable business processes. Therefore we believe that one of the most important qualities of outsourcing company is flexibility and the ability to effective overcome new challenges.

We help clients improve performance & enable change

We believe in quality & innovative solution delivery, with an over 5+ years of our professional career, we can service every industry segment and service lines.

Flexible payments

No setup fees


We listen and adapt our services to each client’s needs


Stable and transparent costs, to make your budgeting easier


Top-tier solutions with long-term presence on the local market and a strong customer base


Our in-house technology/team provides an improved client experience


We reduce risks and processing errors via automation

ISO certified

Highest level of security, service quality and delivery performance (ISO 27001:2013, ISO 9001:2015


Avg Production Hours delivered per month


Trained Professionals


% of Quality Assured


Years of Experience

Why Our customer's are successful ?

Our Reporting & Goals

Our 24x7 work environment ensures uninterrupted support services whenever our clients may need them. Further, our services are easily customizable and can be adjusted according to the specific business requirements of our clients

Our Commitment

Our delivery center boosts of state-of-the-art infrastructure equipped with latest technologies and modern equipment's. Most talented and best-in-the-industry resources are hired to work in this center and deliver services.

Our Customer Success

We understand that our success is directly dependant on the success of our clients. Unless and until they are not performing well, we can't expect better opportunities for our business. Therefore, we believe in creating and maintaining long term relationships with our clients as they turn out to be most beneficial for both us and the client.



Helping our clients surpass their business goals through effective marketing and technology solutions.


IT Staffing & Consulting Services

We provide cost effective IT Consultants & Entire Project teams across the industries


RPA as a Service

Automate business process to boost productivity, accelerate transformation to gain maximum ROI


KPO as a Service

Knowledge intensive activities that are data driven and process of gathering, analysing and delivering objective insights into businesses

Pricing Models

Why is our outsourcing effective ?

By efficiently delivering our global Outsourcing, IT Enabled ,RPA automation and Back-office shared services, we aim to shift the focus of your financial and Back-office teams towards more strategic tasks.

Our full-range Outsourcing services enable you to improve quality, accuracy and timeliness of your administrative functions and increase operational transparency by enhancing the reporting capabilities across whole company. Our services can be provided fully online – and thus ensure the continuity of critical business administration functions and compliance

Grow Your business with Proziod

We accelerate your international growth :

Whether it is through international tenders or fellow members’ recommendations, we actively work on growing your business through meeting your clients’ global needs.

We Help you improve processes and efficiency :

We nurture connections and collective intelligence among our members to capture know-how and best practices to drive results of both your new and existing clients.

We ensure you leave your business in good hands:

Your company can live on in the hands of our community or a reliable Friend to ensure your brand and employees are maintained and thrive.

Check out what our customer's say

Our customers tell us they love working with us because we're easy and affordable to work with. We'll work hard to make your experience as smooth as possible and give you the best quality content at a price that won't break the bank.

What really sets us apart is our customer service - our team is friendly, responsive, and always on standby to help with any problem or question.

"Proziod is a fantastic outsourcing service. I've been using it for over a year now and I have had no problems with it whatsoever. I love that they have one of the widest fields of expertise and cover just about every subject you can think of. The prices are affordable, but the quality is never sacrificed without notice as well- which is why I will be continuing"

Serenity Wilson


" I'm really glad I found Proziod! My orders always get delivered on time and they really care about the quality they provide."

Jerry Smith


The thing that I like the most is that Proziod never disappoints me with their fast delivery. Thank you!"

Ana Hernandez


"We have been working with Proziod for 6 years for back office, data entry and analytics work. They deliver a great service at competitive prices. "

Dan Hartman

Head of Operations

We've got your back

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We will be there for you, every step of the way, to help you get what you want and the results that you want. We know how to deliver.

We have agents ready to take your requests 24/5. All you need to do is register on our website or schedule a meeting with one of our team members who will be glad to help you out.

What really sets us apart is our customer service ?

Our team is friendly, responsive, and always on standby to help with any problem or question.

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Trained Professionals
4-25 Hours
Faster Turnaround
Years in Service
Lower Cost
Starts at $10/Hour

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