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At Proziod, we believe in the never-ending pursuit of excellence. We believe in going beyond traditional measurement metrics and truly immersing ourselves in our client’s endeavor to improve customer centricity. This leads us to design different and more ingenious operating models that foster growth and manage cost, risk and compliance across a range of functions for our clients. We believe we are Business Process Partners that help organizations by adding tangible and intangible values to the relationship, between the organization and their customers by designing and re-engineering intelligent business operations. Through constant innovation and seamless integration of technology and people, we ensure that we adapt to the changing customer needs within the different regions we service. With delivery centers located strategically around India, we ensure that we are able to deal with any linguistic barriers that our clients may encounter. This approach allows us to be nimble, flexible, collaborative and constantly available to our customers.

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Our Services

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    Finance & Accounting Services


    Margin growth, working capital management, regulatory compliance and proactive risk mitigation have emerged as key focus areas for CFOs. For the finance and accounting (F&A) function to deliver compelling value, automation of the bulk of its underlying transactional business processes is essential.

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    Human Resources Shared Services


    Proziod's HR Shared Services practice uses a comprehensive approach to assist clients through the entire life cycle of shared services, from concept through implementation. Our experience with more than 250 large, complex projects gives us the knowledge and capabilities to address the organizational, functional, process, change leadership, logistical and technology needs that both commercial and public sector organizations need to satisfy when they commit to such an important change.

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    IT services


    In today's demanding business environment which prioritizes flexibility, speed, and efficiency, a robust IT strategy is critical. We help you achieve these qualities in your IT strategy by providing you system integration, testing, application development and management services and solutions.

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    Customer Management Services


    Insightful Analysis to Drive Your Customer Management Outsourcing Strategy. Proziod has developed the Customer Management Services Program as a dedicated service for organizations evaluating, or actively engaged in, the outsourcing or relocation of all or part of their customer management or contact center functions.

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    Knowledge Services


    Proziod's Knowledge Management Services provide high-end customized research & analytics solutions. Leveraging our experience, we empower our clients to make informed strategic and operational decisions

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    Disruption is creating great opportunities where technology meets business. Through asset-powered agility, Proziod helps organizations explore new ways to continually find value through innovation—mastering disruption by perceiving, deciding and executing faster than the rest. Accenture helps its clients move from data to decisions faster by adopting advanced analytics offerings, tools and techniques.

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    Banking and Financial Services


    Get the flexibility you need to keep up with evolving customer expectations, demographics, and demand with Proziod for the banking and financial services industry. Boost profit margins across all channels and easily overcome challenges such as higher capital requirements, stricter regulations, and the shift in digital banking with a range of best-in-class bank systems and technology.

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    Master Data Management


    Proziod Master Data Management Services follows a clear set of processes and a centralized governance structure to ensure data stewardship. This ensures rapid onboarding of data, while providing scalability, flexibility, and standardized service delivery.


The Customer is an established Australian technology company which has developed an innovative, cloud based energy spend management platform that enables users to manage their energy spend lifecycle from sourcing, category management to finance and accounts payable.

  • Draw insights from past data.
  • Respond in real time to current business needs.
  • Use predictive analytics to stay ahead of the curve.

Client Stories

After 4 problematic years we finally found Proziod. Up to date it has been a pleasure working with Proziod Their staff has worked closely with our organization, and collectively we have made excellent strides towards our goals during the past 5 months. Our data management finally meets our expectations. Thanks to Proziod we can finally see day light at the end of the tunnel. I highly recommend Blue Fountain Media to your organization. Their staff has the skills to make your e-commerce dreams a reality. I highly encourage you to learn what Blue Fountain has to offer your organization.

Frequently Asked Question

Here are some FAQs

Businesses are using analytics to make more informed decisions and to plan ahead. It helps businesses to uncover opportunities which are visible only through an analytical lens. Analytics helps companies to decipher trends, patterns and relationships within data to explain, predict and react to a market phenomenon. It helps answer the following questions: What is happening and what will happen? Why is it happening? What is the best strategy to address it? Collecting large amounts of data about multiple business functions from internal and external sources is simple and easy using today’s advanced technologies. The real challenge begins, when companies struggle to infer useful insights from this data to plan for future. Using analytics businesses can improve their processes, increase profitability, reduce operating expenses and sustain the competitive edge for the longer run.

Building analytics function requires long term commitment and extensive resources. An organization has an option to seek analytical help from in-house resources or from outside analytical vendors or use both in parallel. Any organization needs to spend considerable time and money to recruit and train in-house analytical help. At times they may not possess the required know-how to recruit such specialized staff or decide on the technologies that would be best suitable for carrying out analysis. In these circumstances they rely on analytical vendors like Proziod. Such vendors can closely work with the management team to help the organization to adopt analytics. The organization has to trust and co-operate with the vendors while sharing their data and researching it to make the analytics engagement a success. Organizations can follow another model in which they build an internal team to manage their relationships with an external analytical vendor. Many analytically mature companies resort to this to supplement their internal efforts.

Let a professional do a professional's job. If you are like most business owners and CEOs, you take full pride in the services or products your company provides. You want to focus your time and energy on business strategy and goals. Outsourcing the accounting department to a dedicated, highly skilled professional services firm allows you to do exactly that. By outsourcing your accounting to, you'll save valuable time in your day, reduce operating costs and gain peace of mind.

By providing the right resources faster, friendlier and easier, we empower you to concentrate on your core mission, boosting your organizational performance. With a carefully crafted and implemented Shared Services program, significant benefits may be achievable. These include:

  • Standardized, streamlined and, where feasible, fully automated processes.
  • Optimizing HR resources within your organization to focus on assisting the execution of the organization’s business strategy.
  • Costs may be reduced through the economies of scale from centralization of services, reducing expenses, and avoiding duplication of effort.
  • Utilizing over a hundred SPA’s HR experts to gain economy of scale for your HR needs.

In its simplest form master data management (MDM) is a comprehensive method of letting companies leverage and re-use common and accurate business data. However, it's also a quickly evolving data management strategy that can do more than just help organizations "reach a single version of the truth." MDM systems are designed to maintain a master version of a company's data, freeing the organization to act on the data by mapping it to business rules and initiatives more easily than previous data management methods. One of the main reasons companies turn to MDM is the ability to reconcile data from different sources and applications.

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Think analytically, rigorously, and systematically about a business problem and come up with a solution that leverages the available data

Chief Analyst

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If you take care of your people, your people will take care of your customers and your business will take care of itself.


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The technology keeps moving forward, which makes it easier for the artists to tell their stories and paint the pictures they want.

Technical Lead


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